The Future of Advanced Air Mobility

Asian Flight Booking Platform Yugo Commits to Electra's eSTOL Aircraft

Private flight booking platform Yugo plans to add Electra's hybrid-electric eSTOL aircraft to its network. Under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed this week, the Singapore-based company intends to take 12 of the fixed-wing aircraft, which will be incorporated into the fleets of its partner operators in the Asia-Pacific region. 

In February 10 announcement, the companies said they will work together to expand air mobility options for urban and regional services with an aircraft designed to operate from runways no more than 300 feet long and 100 feet wide. Electra envisages its blown-wing eSTOL design being able to use parking lots and remote, unprepared landing strips, carrying up to nine passengers or 1,800 pounds of freight on sectors of up to 500 miles in IFR and VFR weather.

“Advanced air mobility holds exciting promise to meet the transportation challenges of the Asia-Pacific region, with its densely populated cities and dispersed island communities amid the fastest-growing economy in the world,” said founder and CEO John S. Langford.

Electra said it now holds sales commitments for nearly 300 aircraft from companies in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The unnamed model will include a turbine engine that can recharge batteries inflight to avoid the need for charging infrastructure on the ground.

With an eye toward providing services in the advanced air mobility space, Yugo offers on-demand charter, air ambulance, and cargo flights through a network of private jets and helicopters in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, America, and Africa. Its current partner fleet includes types such as the Cessna Citation and the Gulfstream G650ER.

“Yugo is committed to providing convenient, safe, and efficient urban and regional air mobility services to our members and customers,” said  CEO Jim Baldy. “With Electra's versatile and sustainable eSTOL aircraft, we will be able to provide our business and tourism customers unparalleled flight solutions and expand our service to previously underserved or inaccessible locations, while also protecting fragile environments.”