The aviation industry is on the cusp of delivering ground-breaking new ways to move people and things through the air from point A to point B. It’s an exciting and extremely complex landscape that is drawing in entrepreneurs and expertise from other industries, as well as established aerospace players. The sector has rapidly emerged as aviation’s most dynamic opportunity.

New technologies such as electric propulsion, autonomously operated, pilotless aircraft, lighter materials and on-demand transportation models are threatening to disrupt aviation in ways not seen in decades.

However, given the many complex questions that the pioneers in this field need to resolve, it’s a tough task for prospective investors, suppliers, manufacturers and anyone else with a direct interest in the sector’s future, to assess the risk to reward equation.

We’ve created to provide detailed and verified information about all aspects of these emerging technologies to help our subscribers make smart business and investment decisions.

Unlike other high-tech industries, the highly-regulated aviation industry is not one where you can move fast and break things. Depending on who you listen to, these technologies will take anywhere from 3 to 30 years to safely change the face of aviation.

And that’s part of the challenge. Who do you listen to for an objective assessment of where this sector is going? Who can help you to separate self-serving hype from independently verified facts?, brought to you by the unrivalled editorial and production team that has made AIN the world leader in aviation news for more than 40 years, is here to help you achieve a solid understanding from which you can make informed decisions with confidence.

The unprecedented coverage consists of:

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  • A comprehensive database tracking new aircraft programs 
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