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Eviation Unveils Executive Version of Alice as First Flight Nears

Eviation on Friday introduced the design for the six-passenger executive-cabin version of its Alice all-electric aircraft. The unveiling comes as the start-up awaits a spell of good weather to make a first flight with its redesigned prototype as it works to get the fixed-wing model certified and in commercial service during 2026.

In addition to the proposed corporate version, the Alice will be offered with nine passenger seats for scheduled, sub-regional airline service and as a freighter with seats removed to make space for cargo. The executive cabin features a fully equipped galley with a lavatory and sink, a six-foot, four-inch-wide cabin, a wardrobe to stow jackets and other personal belongings, a side panel at each seat with a foldable table, personal power outlet, and a USB slot.

The passenger version of the Alice has windows that are 22-inches high and 16.5-inches wide. Eviation claims the  100-cubic-foot baggage compartment is the largest in its class.

“Alice’s executive cabin is the epitome of pure all-electric elegance and a magnificent blend of beauty and technology,” said Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay. “We are shaping the future of travel through electric aviation and it’s thrilling to offer a glimpse into what business travel can and will look like in the very near term. Our executive cabin concept elevates the industry standard for interior design for this class of aircraft.”

While promoting an executive version of the Alice as a means to “redefine executive air travel,” Eviation sees Alice earning its living in passenger-carrying services for operating sectors as short as just 50 miles and up to around 300 miles. Operators might include carriers trying to start new point-to-point routes but also major airlines looking for a more cost-effective way to feed traffic through their large hub airports. In the freight sector, Eviation sees the prolific growth in e-commerce opening opportunities for new electric aircraft.

Powered by two Magni650 electric propulsion units produced by Eviation's sister company MagniX, Alice uses a fly-by-wire flight control system from Honeywell, wings, and other aerostructures from GKN, and cockpit systems from BendixKing. The single-volume, high-energy-density Alice battery energy system is made from currently available battery cells and technology, meaning the system does not rely on future advancements for flight.