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VoloDrone Will Operate Remotely and Flexibly Using Purpose-built Trailer

The Mobile Vertipad is like a standard transport trailer that can quickly convert into a mobile takeoff and landing base for Volocopter's cargo-carrying, autonomous eVTOL.
Austrian company Schwarzmuller has developed a trailer that it calls a Mobile Vertipad to allow Volocopter's VoloDrone to operate almost anywhere without the need for special ground infrastructure. The autonomous eVTOL can carry freight loads of up to 440 pounds on trips of up to around 25 miles. It was publicly demonstrated for the first time this week in an operation conducted with Volocopter logistics partner and investor DB Schenker.

Avantto Says Its Operational Experience Makes Embraer's eVTOL Plans More Credible

The Brazilian business jet and helicopter operator expects to introduce 100 of Eve's all-electric eVTOL aircraft to its fleet, starting in 2026.
Brazilian private aviation group Avantto believes it could play a crucial role in making urban air mobility's lofty ambitions become a reality. It has committed to buying 100 of the four-passenger eVTOL aircraft being developed by Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions and will work with the Embraer subsidiary to turn theory into practice.
Avantto Rogerio Andrade

Reliable Robotics Gets $100 Million Funding Boost for Remotely Piloted Technology

The autonomous flight technology pioneer is working to certify aircraft to be remotely piloted in commercial cargo operations, which it says could be more cost-effectively expanded to relatively remote communities.
Reliable Robotics has now raised more than $133 million to support its ambitions to certify an existing cargo aircraft to be operated remotely in commercial cargo services. The company, which has been flight testing a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, is in the process of establishing its own cargo operation to serve as an early adopter and test bed for the autonomous technology, which includes full autoland capability.
Reliable Robotics

Universal Hydrogen Raises a Further $62 Million To Support Airliner Conversion Plan

The company aims to make a first flight with a hydrogen-powered 40-seat regional airliner in 2022, as part of its effort to certify its propulsion system for commercial use by 2025.
Aircraft engine maker GE Aviation is among 11 new investors in Universal Hydrogen, which is working on plans to convert aircraft to hydrogen propulsion. This involves storing green liquid hydrogen in capsules that can be delivered directly to aircraft without requiring any new ground infrastructure.
Universal Hydrogen

Plug Power Invests in a Hydrogen-Powered Version of Airflow's eSTOL Aircraft

The hydrogen propulsion and fuel specialist will support Airflow in the development of an alternative to the hybrid-electric powertrain already in development for its eSTOL models.
Plug Power will work with Airflow to develop a ground-based test bed for a full-scale hydrogen fuel cell test bed and intends to subsequently convert its new partner's planned hybrid-electric aircraft to this system. The company is already investing in Universal Hydrogen, which is working to convert regional airliners to the carbon-free power source.
Airflow eSTOL aircraft.

Diamond Unveils Plans for All-Electric eDA40 Training Aircraft

The four-seater model will feature the EPiC Ecosystem battery and motor technology developed by Electric Power Systems, which is already a supplier to NASA, Bell, and Embraer.
Diamond Aircraft says its first all-electric aircraft will be ready to enter service in 2023, with flight testing due to start in the second quarter of 2022. The four-seat aircraft will compete in the flight training sector with rivals such as Bye Aerospace's eFlyer family. According to the company, it will take just 20 minutes to recharge and be able to fly for up to 90 minutes, delivering 40 percent operating cost savings compared with current piston-powered aircraft.
Diamond eDA40

ABB To Develop MegaWatt Charging Points for Lilium Jets

The planned charging points will built to common standards so that other electric vehicles, including other eVTOL models, can use the same infrastructure at vertiports.
ABB E-mobility's planned charging points will be able to fully recharge the eVTOL aircraft's batteries in 30 minutes, or provide an 80 percent charge in 15 minutes. Lilium says this will be sufficient to allow its seven-seat eVTOL aircraft to make between 20 and 25 flights each day in its planned regional service networks, which are due to start operations in locations like Florida, Germany, and Brazil in 2024.
Lilium vertiport

Brisbane Set To Open Australia's First eVTOL Air Taxi Base in 2023

Initially, the operations hub will be built under existing rules governing helipads for rotorcraft as Skyportz and others work with Australian authorities to develop more specific requirements for eVTOL aircraft.
The eVTOL air taxi hub being developed by ground infrastructure specialist Skyportz will be located next to the new Australian Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence with close connections to other modes of public transportation, a leading university, and major corporations. The company says the Brisbane facility is one of around 400 sites that it intends to develop in major cities also including Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.
The Australian Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence

Surf Air Sees Hybrid Propulsion as Fast Track to Sustainable Air Travel

The on-demand and scheduled flight marketplace wants to be a key enabler for the electrification of air transportation, starting with conversions of existing aircraft.
Surf Air Mobility's efforts to stimulate the adoption of hybrid-electric propulsion in aviation are mainly focused on its prospective Ampaire subsidiary and a new alliance with Textron Aviation to convert its ubiquitous Cessna Grand Caravan fleet of turboprop utility aircraft.
Surf Air PC-12NG