The Future of Advanced Air Mobility

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European Commission Issues Drone Strategy Document for Advanced Air Mobility Planning

The European Commission (EC) has published its "Drone Strategy 2.0," which is expected to contribute to planning for a wide variety of advanced air mobility applications. The  General Aviation Manufacturers Association praised the move, saying that the document provides “a clear vision for the development of the drone sector,” including the goals of having drones and other air mobility vehicles, along with the requisite ecosystem, become an accepted part of European life by 2030.

The EC anticipates multiple uses for drones, from emergency services and aerial operations to surveillance and delivery of goods. It also foresees other innovative air mobility passenger services, initially with a pilot on board but with a goal for full automation. In addition, the document lays out dozens of steps that can be taken to achieve those goals, including 17 concrete actions that the EC intends to take to foster the drone sector and deployment of piloted urban and regional air mobility operations, including eVTOL air taxi services.