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Skyportz Opens Crowdfunding Investment Offer to Build Ground Infrastructure Network

Australian advanced air mobility (AAM) group Skyportz has launched what it says is the world’s first crowdfunding investment offer to support its plans to develop the ground infrastructure needed to support commercial eVTOL aircraft operations. The initial offer is open through the end of September 13.

Since 2018, Melbourne-based Skyportz has been working on plans to establish an AAM ecosystem for air taxi passenger and drone freight deliveries in Australia. That year, it was part of a team bidding for Uber Elevate to select the city as a test location for its planned eVTOL network.

Now founder and CEO Clem Newton-Brown has restructured the company as Skyportz (Australia) with new partners including Nexa Capital Partners, Arup, Taz Drones, Electro Aero (charging facilities), Safe Helidecks, Hatch Roberts Day (planning and design) Flame Developments (aircraft operations), To70 (airspace design), and Parking Australia.

“This is an opportunity for micro investors to get a slice of the air taxi infrastructure pie before the big SPAC deals pivot to infrastructure, as they must if these aircraft are going to be of any practical use,” said Clem Newton-Brown, a former member of the Victoria state legislature.

The Skyportz prospectus describes plans for, “the development of mini airports in multiple locations which also serve as drone delivery and logistics hubs.” It says the company will seek larger-scale investment and other partners when it is ready to start building vertiports.

“Owning a Skyportz network will be like owning a toll road, except there is no need to building the road,” the company explained in its brief for prospective small investors. “For a modest investment in Skyportz landing sites compared to road and rail infrastructure we will be abel to revolutionize how we move people and freight.”