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EASA Invites Questions On Means of Compliance for VTOL Special Conditions

Ahead of next week’s Rotorcraft and VTOL Webinar, the European Aviation Safety Agency is inviting comments and questions on presentations that will include the current status of means of compliance proposals to support the long-anticipated special conditions for certifying new VTOL aircraft. The December 9 event will be held online and registered participants can already view a series of video presentations to preview the planned discussion.

The posted presentations cover the following 10 topics related to the anticipated means of compliance:

  • Human factors assessment for installed systems and equipment for use by the crew
  • VTOL design loads and interaction of systems and structures
  • Landing gear systems–doors, canopies, and exits
  • Advance preview of EASA’s position on energy reserves
  • U-space (unmanned air traffic management)
  • Ditching, emergency flotation, and limited overwater operations
  • Artificial intelligence roadmap
  • VTOL flight envelopes and stall characteristics
  • VTOL structural durability, aeroelasticity, protection of structure, materials and processes, special factors of safety
  • Fire protection in designated fire zones

Registered participants are invited to view these presentations ahead of the event and submit any questions or observations they may have ahead of the webinar. These will be addressed during the live event.

The webinar will include presentations by David Solar, EASA’s head of department VTOL and certification director Rachel Daeschler.