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Healthy Skepticism Greets Volocopter's VoloPort Unveiling in Singapore

How do non-believers view eVTOL aircraft and the self-styled urban air mobility revolution? This report by Alexis Ong for The Verge about Volocopter's recent unveiling in Singapore of its VoloPort concept and flight demonstration of the 2X prototype aircraft gives us some idea.

Alexis's dispassionate skepticism is a welcome antidote to self-satisfied Silicon Valley hype. She challenges the math on Volocopter's claim that it will be able to transport 100,000 people each hour. The story also raises good points about data protection issues and how light eVTOL aircraft will cope with harsh weather conditions, such as those commonly experienced during Singapore's monsoon season.

Singapore is not known for being a hub of free expression, which is what makes Alexis Ong's report for The Verge especially refreshing.