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Heart Appoints Aernnova as Design Partner for ES-19 Electric Airliner

Aernnova will jointly design and develop Heart Aerospace’s ES-19 electric regional airliner. Swedish start-up Heart selected the aerostructures group as a key program partner to step up its efforts to bring the 19-seater to market in 2026.

Aernnova’s engineering team will work with Heart on the design for the wing, fuselage, and empennage of the ES-19. The aircraft will feature an aluminum airframe with retractable landing gear, a high wing, a T-shaped empennage and a non-cylindrical fuselage that Heart says will maximize space in the cabin.

According to Heart, the initial production versions of the ES-19 will have a range of just under 250 miles. Last year, the company demonstrated the first version of its proposed electric propulsion system, which incorporates a 400-kW electric motor, lithium-ion batteries, and a motor controller.

Spain-based Aernnova has more than 4,500 employees, with additional locations in the UK, Mexico, the U.S., Brazil, and China. It produces aircraft parts and subassemblies for leading aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Textron, Embraer, Leonardo, and Sikorsky.

United Airlines is among the leading investors in Heart Aerospace. In July the carrier agreed to purchase up to 200 examples of the ES-19, following in the footsteps of Finnair which in March signed a commitment to add 20 of the aircraft to its fleet.