The Future of Advanced Air Mobility

Eve Rebrands eVTOL Aircraft in the Image of Racing Legend Senna

Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions is renaming its four-passenger eVTOL aircraft as the Eve-Senna through a new partnership with the brand organization formed by the late Brazilian Formula One race car driver Ayrton Senna. Eve announced the rebranding as it marked the first anniversary of its establishment by its parent company, the Brazilian aerospace group Embraer,  as its urban air mobility (UAM) division.

Ayrton Senna, who died in a racing accident in 1994, formed the Senna Brand in 1992. The not-for-profit organization, which funds educational work through the Ayrton Senna Foundation, brands various high-value products, including watches and cars.

“I was privileged to be part of the generation that accompanied Ayrton Senna’s career,” commented Eve CEO Andre Stein. “His daring ability to overcome challenges, his achievements, and his passion for technology, were an inspiration for my career in engineering. I’m sure this partnership will inspire new generations to develop technologies that will transform the future.”

In a separate announcement on November 17, business aviation support group Jetex is joining a growing list of prospective partners working with Eve to prepare the so-called ecosystem to support eVTOL aircraft operations. On November 17, the companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) under which they evaluate locations for developing the infrastructure needed for urban air mobility services.

Jetex operates a network of fixed-base operations (FBOs) providing ground-handling services to business aircraft operators in 40 locations across 15 countries on five continents. It also offers trip planning and aircraft refueling services and has a marketing alliance with Jet Club for fractional ownership sales covering the HondaJet aircraft.

This week’s announcement provided no specific details as to where Jetex and Eve might join forces when the Eve aircraft starts commercial operations in 2026. Jetex, which started its business in the United Arab Emirates, did indicate it could get involved in lobbying regulators and stakeholders in some parts of the world. The Embraer subsidiary has already announced ecosystem development partnerships in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australasia.