The Future of Advanced Air Mobility

Spanish Police Take a Look At EHang's eVTOLs For Emergency and Security Missions

China-based eVTOL aircraft manufacturer EHang said it is collaborating with the Spanish National Police to explore potential use cases for its autonomous air vehicles (AAVs) for emergency and security missions. The company made the announcement at World Air Traffic Management Congress in Madrid where it is exhibiting its EHang 216 vehicle at the Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome.

Working with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, EHang and the Spanish National Police plan to flight test the AAV for prospective emergency situations such as rescue and surveillance. The partners say autonomous flight operations promise to significantly improve the Spanish National Police's capability in emergency and security missions, such as firefighting; accessing contaminated areas with nuclear, radiological, bacteriological or chemical risks; landing in confined areas; transporting material; and [performing] other police services that may require agile mobility.

In addition to passenger services, EHang also is developing cargo-carrying, emergency medical support and fire-fighting versions of the EH216. The new VT-30 model is expected to deliver greater range than the current model's limit of around 22 miles.