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EHang Deploys eVTOL Aircraft in Chinese Covid Containment Effort

EHang has deployed its EH216 and EH216L eVTOL aircraft to support efforts to contain a resurgence of Covid-19 infections in China’s Guangdong province. For nearly two weeks, a flight operations team with several of the all-electric, autonomous aircraft, plus some of the Chinese manufacturer’s smaller Falcon B drones, has been made available to support local health officials in what they describe as “epidemic prevention and control efforts.”

The aircraft have been operating from a base in Guangzhou City since June 4. They have been used for tasks including aerial logistics, emergency transportation, aerial inspections and broadcasting, and deliveries of household supplies to quarantined residents.

The EH216 is primarily being developed as a two-passenger urban transportation vehicle, while the EH216L is a logistics version intended to carry payloads of up to around 200 kg (440 pounds). Both aircraft can fly almost 22 miles on a single charge, staying airborne for 21 minutes.

The EHang operations team has established emergency transportation routes across the Pearl River in Guangzhou. This has allowed public health officials to provide “contactless” relief and support for people in the quarantine and containment zones.