The Future of Advanced Air Mobility

Aero G Aviation is developing  both their UV-4 unmanned eVTOL cargo aircraft and aG-4 Liberty passenger eVTOL aircraft, which began as a research project at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. The design for this shows either hybrid- or all-electric power driving tilting ducted fans. In 2019, the company applied for a patent covering its proposed propulsion system.

As of February 2020, both aircraft are still in the early stages of design work. Aero G Aviation's CEO Joseph Mattern told FutureFlight that the company is open to offers from larger companies to acquire its technology.

In August 2020, the company filed a patent application for its design and technology.


patent filed

Aero G Aviation filed a U.S. patent application on August 20, 2020.


Our objective assessment of this program’s probable success.

FutureFlight assesses the probability of success for a new aircraft program by considering the following criteria:

  • Total investment funds available in proportion to the anticipated cost of getting an aircraft certified and in service
  • A company’s in-house capability (in terms of numbers of engineers, technical staff, and customer support teams)
  • The past experience of the company and its senior leadership in developing aircraft
  • The caliber and past experience of key program partners
  • Whether key aircraft systems have been selected and are available for use
  • Whether the preliminary design review has been completed
  • Whether the design for the full-scale prototype has been completed
  • Whether the type certification process has been formally initiated with an appropriate regulator
  • Whether the company has achieved a first flight with a full-scale prototype
  • The number of hours logged in a flight test program
  • Whether type certification has been achieved
  • The number of orders and commitment received for the aircraft
  • Whether the company has adequate facilities to begin series production of the aircraft
Our Methodology

Aero G Aviation is a small, privately-owned company that has been working on eVTOL designs since 2015 when the founder Robert Gomez was at Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

In February 2020, a newly appointed CEO launched efforts to seek investors to support the program or purchase the company's intellectual property for $5 million. Aero G has several patents pending for its designs. In August 2020, the company filed a patent application covering the design and technology for its planned aircraft. Without funding, there seems to be little prospect of taking the aircraft to market.

Aero G Models

UV-4 Cargo Specifications

autonomous vtol Lift + Cruise


  • Passenger Capacity
  • Range
  • Cruise Speed
    322 mph
  • Powerplant Type
    ducted fan
  • Power Source
  • Endurance
  • Max Altitude
  • Takeoff Distance
  • Landing Distance
  • Empty Weight
    10,320 lb
    12,500 lb
  • Payload Weight
    2,000 lb


  • Length
    41 ft
  • Width
  • Height
    18 ft
  • Wingspan
    49 ft

The UV-4 is an unmanned cargo-carrying eVTOL aircraft. It is being developed with either electric or hybrid-electric power for four electric motors, and with ducted fans for vertical lift and propellers for the cruise phase of flight. It will feature a ballistic parachute.

Key Personnel

Robert Gomez

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Founder

Joseph Erik Mattern

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)